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What should i do if every one thinks soccer is a gay sport but it is part of my personality what should i do?
The boy Ilike thinks soccer is gay but I play soccer year round. Now he won't even talk to me because he'll get made fun of by his cool friends. Should he stick up for me or act like some one he isn't? I need some boy advice and girl please help me.
Soccer is not gay...except to those people who can't perform or be up to the task. No worries.
Who sounds more gay a boy named Damian or boy named ANgel?
a little info: Damian watches the tv channels SPIKE, MTV, likes swimming, very athletic and likes pogo sticking likes Rap,R&B, Hip Hop, RocK, and a little metal. Angel watches MTV,Disney Channel, likes volley ball and soccer and athletic and likes the singer Shwayze.
Both. I know gay guys who fit both of those profiles.
What do you think is the biggest reason people in the U.S. think football (soccer) is so gay?
Is it b/c of the dives and acting that goes on? Because the players are such pretty-boys? Ignorance? Because the season is same as American football (high school/college)?

Those are just some of my theories. I'm a soccer player myself and I'm pretty comfortable about it b/c I'm good and my team kicks ***. Most of my friends and all of the people I know think soccer is the gayest thing out there...
Is soccer stupid and gay?
im a 12 year old boy and i play soccer and im tired of being called a grass fairy. its not like i suck at other sports im just too nervous to try other sports cuz i dont wanna suck. what should i do??!?!?!
Name calling is usually the reserve of people who are starting to worry that their sport is losing ground. Just ignore it. Also realise this fact... soccer - as you wish to call it - is actually the most popular sport in the USA based on player numbers. The problem is that the old farts in the media and the old-American football fans haven't woken up to that fact yet. One day they will. It would be interesting to see how these name-callers would react in coming up against someone like Vinnie Jones or Viduka - especially if they are not allowed to commit fouls to gain the upper hand?
A similar situation exists in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where football (soccer) is the most played sport but sports such as Rugby and Rugby league dominate the media. At least, in those countries the Rugby diehards have. in general, gotten over the silly name-calling to some degree.
As for the fact that you feel nervous about playing other sports - you play what best suits your physique. It used to be that any big, tall guy in New Zealand was thought of as a future Rugby lock. While the old media still have that perception, most of the guys think of other possibilities. ie. a football (soccer) centre back or centre forward.
As an interesting sidelight, both Rugby and Rugby League have reached a crisis point - to some degree in Australia and New Zealand with rapidly dwindling numbers at junior levels. eg. the number of Rugby League players in New Zealand over the last 10 years has dropped form 40,000 to under 16,000. In many ways this is a reflection of the fact that the game - at senior levels - has got increasingly more violent (and perhaps dangerous). With players at senior levels now being praised for 'hits' rather than 'tackles'.
Rugby in New Zealand has also lost numbers at junior level - particularly due to issues of safety which the Rugby Union is now trying to address (ie. broken necks and other serious spinal injuries) In the last 20 years Junior Rugby playing numbers have declined to some degree while junior football (soccer) enrolments have boomed. Currently rugby totals about 90,000 under 18 players - football (soccer) over 160,000 in the same age groups.

Take heart in the fact that world-wide football (soccer) is generally considered more skillful. You might like to get your detractors (with the help of your PE teacher) to try this simple experiment.
1. Place 10 cones in a line on the ground over the width of a football field
2. Get each person to pick up a ball and run with it in a slalom course around the cones and back - time the run.
3. Then try to do the same exercise with your feet (no hands) - again, time the run. The times will be considerably slower because the skill level required to multitask is much higher.

As a further development, extend the exercise as follows....
4. Replace the cones with 5 persons who are allowed to grab at the player as they run past - one person at a time each in turn.
5. Pick up the ball and run with it - using one hand to fend off tacklers as you might do in a game situation. Once you have got past a tackler they have to remain where they were.
6. Repeat this exercise with the ball at your feet (no hands) In this situation the tacklers can also only use their feet - but they can also barge you shoulder to shoulder.
- the exercise becomes considerably more difficult when only the feet can be used and you are not allowed to fend off or foul the tacklers.

I tried this exercise with a PE class (14 year olds) about 15 years ago who were sounding off about rugby being the more skilful. They soon changed their tune and conceded that football (soccer) skills were far more difficult to master.
It is interesting that it used to be said in most of the world that sports such as Rugby, Rugby League, Gridiron (American Football) etc. were sports you took on if you were useless with your feet because you could use your hands. While that is not true - strictly speaking - that perception still exists in many of countries of the world.

Just be pleased that you are playing the game that the 'WORLD' regards as the best and most important sport and ignore the jibes of fools! One day they will catch up to the rest of us.

ps. In the school that I teach in, Rugby has even been called 'Thugby' by some of the rugby coaches - which perhaps gives an insight into the type of people it can, at times, attract.
I FINALLY learned of a gay boy at my school but IDK what to do?
ive posted this alot cuz i havent been getting alot of responses 17 and in my junior year at high school. and oh yeah im gay lol. there is this 10th grader who i think is very attractive, and we were both on the soccer team, but he was on jv and i was on varsity. so tonight me and 8 other guys who were on the soccer team were playing poker. none of them know im gay. but the subject came up about this guy, and they said hes gay. they seemed pretty serious. i havent really interacted with him but i was sitting with my other friend who was sitting with the gay guy at a basketball game and i talked to him bout bball for a little bit. i was wondering how to go about getting to know him better lol. i think hes very cute. rumor is he broke up with a girl over the phone and said sumthin like "i cant go out with u anymore cuz im gay". it'd be hard to approach him because i never talk to the guy, but i have been admiring him from afar. my friend whos a girl told me she heard hes gay too
you have school and sports in common so why not make an attempt to go watch games together tha tyou aren't playing in and make sure to go watch his games and ask him to come see yours. After games why not head off for a burger or the like so you can converse and ge tto knwo each other as friends.

Of cours eif you are attracted to each other maybe more will develop but at least you can make a cool friend and discuss lots of topics of common interest with him.
Boy dress up as girl to play in womans soccer team (pic)?
i am 14 year old boy and love playing soccer my local club is very large and very competetive i am a respectively good player and just missed out on a place this season at the trails.

anyway when i went back to school after break, for charity some of me friends and i dressed as school girls, it was a good laugh my twin sister dressed me and it was funny. at lunch time a teacher shouted at me for playing soccer with the boys not realising it was me (in his class! and thought it was a girl in year below)

my hair pic :

my hair is a bit like this and therfore my sister straightened and styled it,

so moving on, my sister plays for the same local club in the girls league, and said i should play with them non of her friends no me and they dont change in changing rooms my sister waits till she gets home, i love playing soccer and would love ot play for my club is this wrong or should i do it ?

i would easily get a place and could really do well for them.

my sister really wants me to do it, for the club moe than anything, i am scared of the physical aspect of the game, and well i would have to dress up for the club house after the game in normall clothes as i am small i fit into my sister clothes and said i can wear them.

i am not scared of being caught as i do look like a girl when dressed .... "sadly" but i feel uncomfortable cause of my sexuality in girl clothes and dressing as a teenage girl well be well gay'ish

this is serious and i dont no what to do so please ak for any more details i will include straight away.


(if you would like a pic or anything of the team kits n stuff to help your ansers please ask i post links in the more detail)
sounds a bit like a film i just watched wid my daughters shes the man.... go for it chris,just miss the showers after the game
Looking for a gay video/boys kissing on the football pitch?
hello there. me and my friend looking for a video, which we've seen a while ago. we remember only few scenes:
1. a little boy is playing with a doll for girls and his dad don't like this, so he threw the doll out
2. the same boy playing soccer and his dad is proud that his son doing "men's thing", but then the boy start kissing other guy from his soccer team

anybody knows it? we'll appreciate any help

Its a good video(:
I'm a cute boy, he's a cute boy, I'm gay, he's in the closet?
So there's this boy I really think is cute, we talk sometimes and we hang out tiny bit when we play the same sports but we never have much time to really get to know each other. He hasn't told people he's gay, herein lies the problem, and I know he is (it's painfully obvious, plus he came out to a friend who told me) but I don't want to push him away. What do I do? I think he likes me because he comments on everything I do on facebook and says hi to me in the hallways and always stares at my lips when we talk ( I know right?). I just want him to at least come out to me so I can have someone to talk to and share things with because my female friends think it's really gross when I talk about hot guys, but I don't want to go about it in a weird way.

REAL QUESTION: So, how can I become a friend rather than an acquaintance when we're not in any of the same classes (he just takes Gen-Ed and my parents push me like crazy in school), and track is in the spring but he sprints and does hurdles, while I do long distances. He plays soccer, I run Cross- Country!!

FML, he's so adorable and I think now of all times he needs a friend because a rumor is spreading around school that he' gay and he's having so much trouble dealing with it because his cousin is our school's biggest sports star and he feels so pressured not to be an embarrassment. Help?
Hang out on the weekends.... go out to eat, get coffee, go to the mall, see a movie....
My gay cousins boy !! (WHAT TO DOoO) im shocked?
Ok so im gay my cousin got kicked out of the house when he was outed by his distant cousin that found his myspace so now he lives with us temporarily until he gets his life on track. My cousin is very attractive has a body out of this world is pretty darn close to perfection. But then i met his boyfriend who i belive makes Brad Pitt look like a dog. So ive fell totally head over heels for him. So when my cousin and parents were gone he came over and said he would wait for my cuz we started talking then i flirtatiously grabbed his arm muscles(keep in mind im in the close). He whispered in my ear your crushin arnt you. I said your not mad are you then he said im flattered.He could see me buldging because all i had was gym shorts on and he did to because all he had on was a soccer uniform so when i was buldging he started to also he took his shirt and shorts of we were in such a rush he didnt even take his shinguards and sock and shoes off we ran up stairs and hooked up in my moms room.
If your story is true, you bloody well better be ashamed!! Not because you're gay but because you had sex with your cousin's boyfriend!!

As if the poor guy hasn't had enough trauma by being booted out of his house, you decide to come on to his boyfriend.....both you and the BF are pools of dog vomit

If you were MY cousin, I'd kick your ar$e and never speak to you again. You would be dead to me. You will be lucky if your cousin doesn't out you to your entire family exposing you for the little whore you are.

I wish I could find harsher words to express my disgust for what you did to your cousin.
If a Guy listens to YMCA by the Village People, Soccer Practice by Jonny Mcgovern, malchik gay by T.A.t.u?
And Smalltown boy by Bronski Beat. does it make him homosexual?
No, but putting them all in the same sentence does.

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