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Those web sites where they have wild college sex parties -does that stuff actually happen?
Maybe I'm going to the wrong college, but when you see those advertisements for porn sites that have videos of wild college sex parties, they look very realistic, but I've never seen anything like that at my college, or any other college I've visited. Are they real or set up like other porn?
Both. They are around. If you are really interested in that sort of thing, just ask around. However, you may not find them to be as much fun as they seem. I've always preferred one on one with a woman and find it to be much more meaningful.
College sex; does it still go on?
On the net you always read stories/see videos of college sex going on. But does that kinda stuff still happen? Or would that only happen in "lower class" colleges so to speak?
it depends. it defiantley still ogoes on in most colleges but it is a little kdifferent. like there are still tons of sluts willing to do anything in college, ibut there are also those who go out and have fun, but dont sleep around. there is also an increasing number of people who feel that college should onbly be about education and avoid the party and social likfe that if offers. so yes it does, but at a different level.
Where to watch cartoon sex videos for free?
No, i am not some kind of pervert. my college next door neighbor lost his internet connection and cannot look at any at the moment and he wants me to find it for him and he would give me $100. so I was kinda excited to get that. so let me know!
im not a prevert either. but here is the best website i can hook your friend up with.
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I am trying to download youtube videos to edit onto a mixed dvd for a college human sex project
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Is college one big crazy, sex having, weed smoking, alcohol drinking fraternity party?
i was watching the I Love College by Asher Roth video and i was wondering is college really like that all the time? i hope it is.
It depends on the school and whether you want to last more than a year before flunking out.
Sex in college (20 characters)?
I will be attending a University in less than three months, and am a little weary about having sex with women in college (well, in general). I am a virgin, and earlier in the year read a news story about how a girl at some college out in Long Island feigned rape. I guess I'm really stereotyping here, but judging by the victims and accuser's names they sounded like a bunch of "ghetto" guys. I will not be having sex with any ghetto girls because I am not attracted to them and do not want STDs. Regardless, I am still worried about false accusations, even by well-brought up, rich, blonde girls, who are my highest preference. I looked up a little about a rape-kit, which does absolutely nothing in the case that the girl voluntarily had sex with you then claimed rape.

The fact that I have to ask this is a little ridiculous, but is the only way to prevent a situation like this to videotape sex every time? It's annoying that I will have to do this, especially because I will probably have to pass up on a lot of sex because I imagine many girls do not want to be video recorded while having sex (nor do I really, but it seems like this is what it has come to with women).
you can NOT videotape having sex with someone WITHOUT THEM KNOWING! you will go to jail. either way. regardless as to if it were rape or NOT. and no. its not what 'this has come to with women....they will make fun of you for being a virgin or they will steal yer virginity and then gossip to their friends about doing it and how bad you were for your first time. no harm done. (it IS your first time.)

Do you think sex life on college campuses is a manifestation of sexual double standard becoming irrelevant?
and obsolete in this day and age?

sex lives of young ppl on college campuses, the clubbing culture, one night stands & casual sex, rise in teenage pregnancies (not saying its a good thing), younger and young girls losing virginities, young women posting their nude pictures and videos on internet.

im not judging any of these activities, but arent all these telling us that

(1) the sexual double standard doesnt exist anymore (but in the feminist blogosphere and of course there is a word in the dictionary called sl*t)

(2) even if it does it ceases to have any tangible affect on the sex lives of people in 2010.

if you think otherwise please feel free to disagree and present you arguments.
You act as if that was something new, that sort of behavior has been typical of college students for centuries. It's a result of guys being away from home and from parental supervision for the first time more than anything to do with changing social standards, the only real difference in modern times is that women are allowed to attend college as well so young female students are now behaving the same way young male students always have, like a bunch of hormonal guys when their parents aren't looking.
Is it weird to record a sex video between me and someone I truly love?
I currently have a long distance relationship. I live in MI while my gf lives in CA. We're college students. Therefore, summer is the only time we can see each other. I don't know why I really want to record the moment when we're having sex, so that when we're far away and missing each other; we would be able to feel close by watching it again.

Is that an abnormal, weird or bad idea?
I think nothing is weird,abnormal or bad in loving relationship as long as u both agree with that and feel comfortable.Me and my ex bf used to record our love making and watch together.i think it adds spice to sexual experience.If u both r happy with that than u should go for it.
What do you think of those girls who 'dance' in the rnb and rap videos?
I mean the half-naked ones who are paid to dance and look like they're having sex. I even saw a video yesterday with a girl inviting the musician to join her in a bathtub filled with money.

I think these women (and artists who use them in their video) are stupid of society because boys these days only think you're worth something if you're hot - this goes on a lot in my college.
They are a disgrace to themselves.

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